According to Dr. Art Kramer, physical exercise and mental exercise along with social interactions are ideal for mind fitness. At MyBrainX, our fun brain exercise games stimulate the brain and foster social interactivity as players compete against each other online while simultaneously communicating in a brain exercise duel.

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Fun Brain Exercise Games

Depression & Memory. Experiencing depression may affect memory. Free without registration
Room Confusion. “Now why did I come into this room again”? Free without registration
Advanced Key Movement Timed; fast paced and fun. Free without registration
“So where are the keys” – Exercise difficulty progresses per level. Free without registration
Pirate Treasure Trove: multi-player & chat brain exercise game. Free, registration required.
Murder Mystery: gather the clues, remember them and then catch the murderer

Memory Exersices

The secret lies in exercise, like physical exercise, mental exercise or a brain exercise makes sure you function at a high level and keeps you healthy.

MyBrainX Fun Brain Exercise Games are based on principles of memory training developed by a team of neuropsychology professionals. The techniques used employ methodology that has been found to enhance learning, improve cognitive functioning and generally allow individuals to take full advantage of their mental abilities.

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