Alzheimers Exercise

The following screen covers the most common signs of Alzheimer’s. Each questions can be answered as “yes” or “definitely”; “no” or definitely not” or “Maybe”
1. Do you forget things during the
day (phone numbers, names,
errands to do) that you don’t
recall—even much later?
2. Do you get distracted or forgetful
to the point of forgetting that you
just did something (preparing a
meal, leaving food on the stove)?
3. Do you ever have problems finding the
right word—and feel very embarrassed
about what you say as a result?
4. Do you ever forget the time or date
to the point where you don’t even realize
where you are?
5. Do you get so immersed in things
that you forget what you were
doing and why?
6. Are tasks seeming much more complex
or complicated than they used to (can’t
balance checkbook, can’t make change,
problems using utensils or tools)?
7. Do you misplace things to the point
of putting them in inappropriate places (like
keys in the fridge or the newspaper in
the clothes drawer)?
8. Do you get very anxious and agitated
over forgetting things?
9. Are you sometimes feeling suspicious or
paranoid over not being able to find
familiar things?
10. Do you need to be reminded, prodded
or prompted to do something you used
to do on your own initiative?
While any response of “maybe” or “definitely” should be evaluated, if you answered “yes” to 3 or more questions, you should ask for a referral for a comprehensive memory assessment.