Brain & Memory

  The BRAIN, Your body’s engine…

If you think of yourself as a car, then the brain is the engine. And as the engine goes, so does the car.
Feeding your brain, then, is like feeding your engine. The better the fuel and the higher the octane level, the more you can expect in terms of performance.
Your brain controls everything your body does, from walking to talking to crying and laughing. While what your brain does seems natural and expected, how it will function as you age is a matter of not only “nature”, but also “nurture”.

Keeping your brain fit is like keeping your engine fit. Even the best engines need maintenance and care. And just like a fancy car, you need to take care of your brain to insure that it performs best.
The zest, energy and sharpness of your brain will depend on how well you take care of it. Although good nutrition, healthy emotions and a proper attitude forms the base of keeping your brain in shape, it also needs regular maintenance on the form of exercise to maximize its functioning.