Dr Roizen


Dr. Michael Roizen is a boarded certified anesthesiologist who founded a company known as “Real Age”. Dr, Roizen’s thesis is that there are many factors that affect health and aging and by controlling these factors, you can lower your “real” age. For example, Dr. Roizen is 59 years old, but he has calculated his “real” age as 41.2

The basis of “Real Age” is keeping your body healthy. Just like a car that is well maintained, a body that keeps in shape has a higher value and performs better. So, if your car is 3 years old and has driven 36, 000 miles, but has had regular oil changes, been driven sensibly and cleaned regularly, it will act, feel and look like a newer car.

Similarly, a body that eats well, exercises, has a good attitude and generally keeps in shape will look and feel younger than chronological age shows.