Self Efficacy

Sticking with something difficult such as exercise is not always easy. It often requires special attention and needs to be ingrained as a part of a person’s daily schedule.Developing the discipline to stick with something like an exercise program is called “self-efficacy”. Here are some ways to that:

Mastery: learn the skills necessary to do the heavier in question—become proficient so it is ‘second nature’
Observational Modeling: observe others doing what you would like
Reinforcement: learn to accept compliments and learn to compliment yourself
Emotional: get “excited” over doing something, work yourself into feeling the satisfaction of attaining a goal

Sometimes using objects can aid in attaining goals. In exercise, for example, using mirrors is one way to develop the discipline to stick with a program. Other people use music as a background effect to help concentration, whether in exercise, work or even household tasks.

By developing habits that support the goals you are trying to attain, the discipline to stick with your objectives becomes easier to attain.