Common Sense

Keeping your brain healthy is a matter of some “common sense”—and knowing the basics will help keep you sharp.

The key elements are similar to the basics of general health. Here are the “do’s” and the “don’ts”:


 Remember to exercise—even if it involves leisure time activities.
Make sure you have a viable social network in your community.
A positive attitude is always best for controlling your life.
Learn how to manage your stress.
Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.
Keep to a regular schedule and make sure you get enough sleep.
Keep your mind active by pursuing new experiences.
Seek attention for any medical issues that may arise.


While alcohol in moderation is fine, don’t overdo it.
Smoking never helps. If you smoke, try a stop-smoking program.
Don’t let depression get you down—seek help if you are sad for too long.
Never ignore a feeling that medications you are taking may have negative side effects.
And…never hesitate to speak to your doctor whenever you have any questions at all!