Memory Exercises

Games as exercise

The secret lies in exercise, not the type where you sweat and strain, but the type where you simply use parts of the brain that you haven’t used for a while. Sort of like getting back into shape by going back to school and using parts of your brain that have long been in storage. Most people think of exercise as a boring, monotonous and rigorous activity.
In reality, exercise is effective whether you sweat it out on a treadmill or enjoy it on a kayak.

You’re using the same muscles, expending the same energy and burning the same calories. The only difference between a ‘game’ and a ‘gym’ is that you enjoy a game much more and you’re more likely to stick to it and actually get some benefit.
Our approach is one where you get your exercise, but you also don’t feel the strain, stress and pain of working out. Sort of like bowling instead of lifting weights or walking around the shopping mall instead of around the track. While it has the same effect and benefit of improving memory, alertness, thinking and overall brain health, the fact that you enjoy the workout makes it something you look forward to and something you want to do.