Memory Myths

  Some myths…and the reality
Myth 1 Your memory inevitably gets worse with age.

While there are changes in the brain and what it can do as you get older, your functional memory does not necessarily get worse and it does not mean you’re getting Alzheimer’s. What most people experience as ‘memory loss’ is actually a change in the way the brain stores, codes and retrieves information. These changes makes it appear as if you have difficulty learning new things and remembering them, but have no effect on your retention of already acquired knowledge.

Myth 2 Once my memory starts going, it’s all over for me
Memory loss is a gradual, slow process. It begins at around age 60 and progresses slowly into one’s 70’s, with most people not even noticing any significant change in functioning for years.
Myth 3 There’s nothing that can be done about memory—once you lose brain cells, that’s it

Brain cells cannot be replaced, but brain connections can be rerouted, rewired and restructured. Once your brain readapts to the new system, you’ll be functioning as good as new.

Myth 4 Old dogs can’t learn new tricks

Not if they keep on using old strategies! But by using new ways of doing “tricks”, you’ll be able to do the old one’s just as well and the new one’s with little trouble.