Brain Exercise

  What exactly is a brain exercise?
Much like a muscle, the brain reacts to both underuse and overuse. If you don't use a particular muscle, it will become weaker and lose functional ability. If you use it too much, it'll get sore and strained.
When we work too hard, we also think too hard. That's when your brain feels sore and strained and you feel you need to take a break. While taking some time off is normal and to be expected, but turning into a mental couch potato  is also something to avoid as that is something that can cause mental atrophy. Our brains are never too old to learn and we can build brain strength at any age. The more we think, the more we do, the more our brain exercises and keeps in shape.
One expert on aging, Dr. Michael Roizen , says that by doing simple activities like crossword puzzles or computer games for an hour a week for 40 weeks a year, your brain's age will be effectively be reduced by about 10 years.

  Coping with barriers to exercise

So, if we know what works to keep brains healthy, why is it that people find it hard to actually do something about it? Well, one reason is simply that many don’t even know that something like brain exercise can indeed help. Others may not even know that brain exercises designed to help improve thinking even exist.
For others, there is quite a bit of research showing that people do not always do what they should when it comes to a whole range of medical conditions—and that noncompliance with medical advice is very common.


When it comes to exercising, there are some very common reasons for why people fail to comply. When it comes to physical exercise, these reasons seem to take the form of various excuses ranging from not having time to not having enough energy to work out.

Successful exercise, on the other hand, seems to be related to a concept known as “self-efficacy”, or having the confidence and security that you can handle the prescribed exercise with confidence. It turns out that once you get into a rhythm and schedule and become more comfortable with exercise, you’ll do it more.