Stress Memory


Sometimes stress interferes with getting things done, and sometimes you are so stressed that you just give up and convince yourself that you need to relax—so you really won’t get anything done.
When you are under stress, both your body and your mind react differently. Your body goes into ‘overdrive’ and reacts physiologically by speeding up.

You may feel your heart beat faster, you may feel your are breathing heavier or you may feel yourself sweating.
These physical reactions are normally part of what is known as the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, where the body prepares itself to meet some sort of external threat. In its most basic form, these reactions help build the energy to survive and meet a challenge.
The problem is that the body does not always differentiate between a real threat and one that is an emotional reaction, triggered by nervousness, anxiety or some other emotional issue.
Emotions, thus, can create stress—and when stress sis created, the physical reactions can interfere with optimum performance. Whether driving a car, doing your job or even trying to have a casual conversation, people under stress are noticeable and often have difficulty in completing the task at hand.
In some cases, the overabundance of stress causes some people to simply “chill out” and withdraw from everything. Some sort of relaxation and time-out is helpful at times, but we always need to be on guard for signs of depression—where helplessness and hopelessness take over as a reaction to emotional stress.